Rogers Mums
by Creative Celebrations

We create mums, garters, and spirit accessories

for Rogers and other schools. We have many colors available.

Items available include:


    • Finger Mum 

     Wrist Mum 

     Mini Mini Mum (8 inches) 

     Pee Wee Mum (12 inches) 

     Mini Mum (18 inches) 

     Spirit Mum (24 inches) 

     Single Mum (30-36 inches) 

     Jumbo Mum (30-36 inches, jumbo flower) 

    • Double Mum (30-36 inches, 2 flowers) 

     Jumbo Double Mum (30-36 inches, 2 jumbo flowers) 

     Triple Heart Mum (30-36 inches, 3 flowers) 

     Jumbo Heart Mum (30-36 inches, 3 jumbo flowers) 

Lady's Garters 

     Lady's Mini Garter (12 inches) 

     Lady's Garter (15 inches, large flower) 

     Lady's Jumbo Garter (18 inches, jumbo flower) 

Boy's Garters 

     Boy's Mini Garter (8 inches)  

     Boy's Garter (12 inches) 

     Boy's Jumbo Garter (18 inches) 

For Your Hair: 

 • Go Team Hair Bow 

 • Halo Streamers 

 • Hair Spirit Mum 

Mums and garters are available in four types 

created with the purchaser's theme(s): 

BASIC includes: 

black/gold streamers; 1 garland/chain; 1 bell; 3 charms/trinkets; 

2 specialty streamers; and 1 homecoming streamer. 

DELUXE includes: 

black/gold streamers; 2 garlands/chains; 2 bells; 6 charms/trinkets; 

1 braid; 4 specialty streamers; and 1 homecoming streamer. 

THE WORKS includes: 

black/gold streamers; 3 garlands/chains; 2 braids; 

4 bells; 8 charms/trinkets; 8 specialty streamers; 1 diecut/monogram;

"Homecoming" loops - glitter letters; and 16 glitter letters for names, etc. 

EPIC includes: 

black/gold streamers; 3 garlands/chains; 3 braids; 

6 bells; 12 charms/trinkets; 12 specialty streamers; 2 diecuts/monograms;

boa; lights; "Homecoming" loops - glitter letters; 

and 24 glitter letters for names, etc.

Themes available include: 


    • Basketball

    • Baseball

    • Softball

    • Volleyball

    • Track 

    • Cheer

    • Band/Music

    • Twirl/Dance


    • Cross Country








    • Emoji



     Honor Society

    • Metallic Gold

    • Silver 

     Pink Out! 

    • Bling Out!

    • Student Council

    • Black/White

    • Christian/FCA

    • Theatre/Drama 


     Freshman/Class of 2024

     Sophomore/Class of 2023

     Junior/Class of 2022

     Senior/Class of 2021

The following individual items 

may also be purchased for mums/garters: 


     Good Luck Charms/Trinkets 

     Football Players Charms/Trinkets 

     Helmets/Cleats/Jerseys Charms/Trinkets 

     Footballs Charms/Trinkets 

     Cheerleaders/Twirlers/Dance Charms/Trinkets 

     Homecoming Spirit Charms/Trinkets 

    • Class/Graduation Charms/Trinkets

     Sports Charms/Trinkets 

     Band/Music/4-H/FFA/Student Council/Honor Society                             

     Stars, Hearts, Bears, Eagles, Bows, Roses, Emojis


     Western Charms/Trinkets 

     Specialty Streamers 

     Specialty Braids 


     Metallic Streamers 


Spirit Accessories and Gifts

Noisemakers/Spirit Items:  

     Football Clapper

    • Black/Gold Pom Poms 

     • Plush Eagle

Make it a gift! We will bag your gift, add a card with your message, and deliver the gift to your favorite person!

Spirit Gifts: 

     Spirit Helmet Gift (helmet filled with candy/snacks) 

     Spirit Football Gift (football bowl filled with candy/snacks) 

     Eagle Spirit Gift (container filled with candy/snacks with plush eagle) 

All mums/garters/spirit accessories can be picked up 

at Creative Celebrations or delivered to school on the day of homecoming.